Carapel.Jones (CJ) Putter

The CJ Putter is the Revolutionary Putter from Carapel.Jones and is the first Putter ever to use it’s patented PFR (Positive Forward Roll) Technology.

The patent pending C.J Putter face produces the largest sweet spot of any other putter available. That results in the ability to control putts like never before. The C.J Putter, featuring “PFR Technology”, causes the ball to remain in direct contact with the green throughout the putt.

This eliminates drift, skip, and skidding of the ball, resulting in an accurate gyroscopic effect created by the putter face. An important feature of the C.J putter is the removable and adjustable weighting system to ensure a smooth stroke. In addition, the oversized “T” alignment feature allows the user to easily confirm the club alignment with the ball providing balance and accuracy through the putting zone.

Available in both Mallet & Blade Styles.

Made in the USA

Carapel.Jones Putter

Top View Reverse

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